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Positive Pay

Tower Bank helps you guard against fraud.

Tower Bank’s Positive Pay is designed to help minimize the likelihood that your business will experience fraud. With Positive Pay, Tower’s Cash Management online banking system compares the checks received with the record of checks cut from your business, to identify any unauthorized checks that may be presented for payment. Discrepancies automatically generate a notice for you to review.

Positive Pay helps prevent check fraud before it causes a loss to your company. It also eliminates the hassle of destroying your checks and closing your checking account due to a fraud occurrence. Positive Pay is ideal for businesses that:

  • Write a large number of checks
  • Have a large number of employees
  • Have experienced fraud in the past
  • Experience frequent employee turnover

Positive Pay means peace of mind for you and your business. For more information, or to get started, contact your Tower Bank Relationship Manager.

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